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New To Columbus?

Welcome to Columbus!! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked by people moving to Columbus. If you have questions that are not answered below, feel free to contact IAC if you have any questions and to be added to the IAC distribution list. This way you can stay updated with all the IAC activites all year round.

I am looking for room-mates (or selling a car, have an event of public interest). Can IAC help ?
We encourage you to employ the services of sites like, etc. that are specifically designed for this purpose.
Although we can try and help by pointing you to such sites, the IAC shall not send any broadcast to its subscribers unless it is an event organized directly/indirectly by the IAC.

I am moving to Columbus, what does the apartment renting scene look like where are the Cummins offices located?
You can directly contact one of the apartment offices at the numbers mentioned in the map above or you can check ads for apartment sublets/roommates/furniture at Desi Columbus
View Apartments & Cummins Locations in Columbus in a larger map

People also look for apartments in Greenwood, which is approx 30mins drive, but closer to a big city, Indianapolis
The rent generally fluctuates based on the prevailing economic conditions, so it is better you contact the apartment offices. From time to time, apartment complexes have specials based on referrals or the duration of lease that you sign. You might want to enquire about that. Almost all apartments offer discounts for Cummins and Cummins affiliates like LHP/TCS/KPIT/Infosys

Where do I go for Groceries?
There are two locations in Columbus that you can go for Indian/Asian groceries:
SRT International Bazaar
Oriental Market
Other groceries can be obtained at Walmart (2), Sam’s Club, Marsh, Kroger
All locations are shown in the map below
View Groceries In Columbus in a larger map

What sort of activities does IAC Organize? How do I meet more people in Columbus?
Activities organized by IAC are
Cultural Activities:
1. Republic Day
2. Holi
3. DJ Nite
4. SummerFest/Summer Picnic
5. Independence Day
6. Diwali
7. Dandiya Nite
Sport Activities:
1. Cricket
2. Tennis
3. Volleyball
4. Soccer
5. Table Tennis
6. Badminton
In addition during the second week of October IAC runs the official Indian food booth at the Ethnic Expo. This the time we seek help from the community to help us run the food stall.
All the income from our events goes back into organization. We are proud to 100% community powered.

In addition to activities organized by IAC, are there any other events, where can i get more information?
Certainly, there are other events that are organized round the year by other organizations. Places to start are :
1. CAMEO –
2. Columbus Arts Council
You can also visit the IAC website, we will try our best to show updates about all upcoming events in Columbus and the neighboring metro areas.

3. We are excited to announce through our website that there is a new resource for new comers to Columbus. With help from the Herigtage Fund a new web portal is available to provide information on local resources. Please visit to get further information.

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