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IAC Diwali 2016

Indian Association of Columbus (IAC) invites you to IAC 2016 Diwali events, Rangoli and Diwali.


Event: 2016 Rangoli

When: Friday, Nov 4th 6.30 PM to 8 PM

Where: North Large Group Instructuon room, North High School [1400, 25th street]

Registion link:

Entry: Free

Winners will be declared during the Diwali Event


Event: 2016 Diwali

When: Saturday, Nov 5th 5 PM to 9 PM

Where: North High School [1400, 25th street]. Performances in auditorium and Dinner at Cafeteria

Volunteer registration form:

Ticket details:

Adults ticket (12 years & up) – Performances & Dinner – $15 ($20 from Nov 1, if available)

Adults ticket (12 years & up) – Performances only        – $8  ($13 from Nov 1, if available)

Kids    ticket (5-11 years)      – Performances & Dinner – $10 ($15 from Nov 1, if available)

Kids    ticket (5-11 years)      – Performances only       – $5   ($10 from Nov 1, if available)

Entry free for kids below 5 years. All participants are required to purchase tickets.

       All ticket types are available for purchase online at or by searching “IAC 2016 Diwali” on

Note: Online tickets’ website payment gateway is third part (paypal) and it is secured. IAC doesn’t have any visibility of your information. Please show paper or electronic print of the ticket and valid ID card for admission at the venue. Thank you!


If you don’t have Paypal account, please contact the following people for paper tickets.

Krishna Rampalli – CEP (8123715995)

Premchandra Jha – COM/IOB/Sears/COB

Vishal Shah – Others (5166528370)

Preeti Patil – Others


Note: We have only limited paper tickets’ sale this year. Major portion of the tickets are available on for sale. Please contact us only if you don’t have a Paypal account.


Thank you!


Best Regards,

Team IAC

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